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    Disaster & Development
    Vol. 1, No. 1, November 2006

  1. Disaster Management in India : A New Awakening
    (R.K. Bhandari)

  2. Earthquake Risk Mitigation in India : Retrospect and Prospects
    (Anand S. Arya)

  3. Numerical Storm Surge Prediction Model for the North Indian Ocean and the South China Sea
    (S.K. Dube, Indu Jain and A.D. Rao)

  4. Trans-Oceanic Reflection of Tsunamis : the Kerala Example
    (T.S. Murty, N.P Kurian and M. Baba)

  5. The State and Civil Society in Disaster Response : Post-Tsunami Experiences in Tamil Nadu
    (Krithika Srinivasan and Vijay K. Nagaraj)

  6. Management of Road Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals : An Indian Perspective
    (Janak Raj Bhardwaj and Raman Chawla)

  7. The Use of Micro-Finance: Recent Observations on Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction
    (Mihir R Bhatt)

  8. Public Recognition and Professional Responsibilities : Education for Future Disaster Risk Reduction
    (Terry Jeggle)

  9. Psycho Social Support In Tsunami Disaster: NIMHANS Responses
    (K. Sekar)

  10. Data on Disasters : Easier Said Than Done
    (Debarati Guha-Sapir, Regina Below and Philippe Hoyois)

  11. Gender, Vulnerability and Disasters : Key Concerns for Policy and Practice
    (Sara Ahmed)

  12. Integrated Framework for Cultural Heritage Risk Management
    (Rohit Jigyasu)

  13. Medical Management of Chemical (Industrial) Disasters : Critical Issues
    (Janak Raj Bhardwaj and Vijai Kumar Singh)

  14. Near-Real Time Agricultural Drought Assessment Using Remote Sensing Products Available in Public Domain
    (V.K. Sehgal, V.K. Dadhwal and R. Jaishanker)
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