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    Disaster & Development Journal
    Vol. 9, No. 2, July - December 2020

  1. Orissa Super Cyclone 1999: Preparedness Strategies for Community through CSR Initiatives at Paradeep Phosphate Ltd., Paradeep
    (Kalyan Kumar Sahoo, Vikash Barnwal and Sangram Singh)
  2. Perceived Disaster Risk and School Resilience
    (Balu I)
  3. Impact of Drought at Household Level: Field Observations from Aspirational District of Karnataka – Yadgir
    (K. Lenin Babu, G.S. Srinivasa Reddy, C.N. Prabhu and S. Jagadeesh)
  4. Role of Green Governance and Green Finance in Regulating the Environmental Pollution
    (Tripura Sundari C.U. and T. Kadalarasane)
  5. A Study of Gender-based Issues on Field of Corona Warriors Amid Lockdown.
    (Vivekanand V. Kadam and Sarika V. Kadam)
  6. Agency, Contestation and Subalternity: Re-imaging the Mahim Koliwada as a Disaster Resilient Urban Quarter
    (Pritam Dey and Swapna Deshmukh Deshpande)
  7. Governance and Public Health: Indian Response to COVID 19 Disaster
    (Shipra Singh, Pankaj Kumar, R.B. Singh, Anju Singh, Md. Manzarul Hasan and Subodh Kumar)
  8. Geohazards and Challenges in Karst Terrains
    (Yamuna Singh, Amit K. Singh, Neelratan Singh, D.C. Jhariya, and D.P. Dubey)
  9. Financing Recovery: A Case of Kerala Floods 2018
    (Akanchha Singh)
  10. Enlightenment: The Covid-19 Pandemic
    (Domadala Pramod)
  11. Current Strategies of Risk Mitigation for Disaster Surveillance of India
    (Sukhendu Dey and Kamalesh Sen)
  12. A Review of Cyclone Track Forecasting Techniques
    (Raju Thapa, Surya Parkash, Harjeet Kaur and Anil Kathait)
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