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    Disaster & Development Journal
    Vol. 10, No. 2, July - December 2021

  1. Disaster Vulnerability Assessment & Action Plan to Strengthen Disaster Resilience of Gangtok, Sikkim
    (Rohit Magotra, Moumita Shaw and Ajit Tyagi)
  2. Risk Factors Associated with Earthquake in Sikkim
    (Depesh Subba)
  3. Restoration of Coastal Barriers and Descriptive Analysis of Cyclones: Tauktae and Yass
    (Bevelio Philip Goes)
  4. Natural Disasters and Children Well-Being: A Review Study
    (Amandeep Kaur and Tejpreet K Kang)
  5. High Resolution Remote Sensing, GPS and GIS based Geospatial Database Creation for Disaster Risk Reduction in Lucknow City
    (Aniruddha Uniyal, Shamiuddin, P.N. Shah, Priyanka, Laxman Singh, Shobhit Pipil, S. Rao, Rajiva Mohan and A.L. Haldar)
  6. Convergence of Strategies to Reduce the Risk: A Case Study of Geohazards in Vijayapura District of Karnataka
    (Lenin Babu)
  7. Bioengineering with Miyawakis, Landslide Victories
    (Anil Kumar Bheemaiah)
  8. Conceptual Approach for Flood Risk Assessment
    (Zeeshan Ibrar)
  9. Building Resilience of the Shimla City towards Seismic Hazard: Challenges and Opportunities
    (Mohd. Mudassir, Hari Kumar and Harkanchan Singh)
  10. Probabilistic Evaluation of Landslide Vulnerability along the National Highways of Shimla Tehsil, Himachal Pradesh
    (C. Prakasam, Aravinth. R and B. Nagarajan)
  11. Key Issues of Disaster Management in India – During Cyclones and Flooding Emergencies
    (Anitha Karthik and K Gireesan)
  12. Concept of One Health and Future Prospective in India
    (Raju Thapa, Surya Parkash, Harjeet Kaur, Anil Kathait and Priyanka Singh)
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