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    Disaster & Development
    Vol. 1, No. 2, May 2007

  1. The Indian Landslide Scenario: Strategic Issues and Action Points
    (R.K. Bhandari)

  2. Numerical Modelling of Earthquake-Triggered Landslide in Jointed Rock Slope
    (D.K. Paul, Shilpa Pal)

  3. Receding Glaciers in the Indian Himalayan Region : Examples from Uttarakhand Himalaya
    (H.C. Nainwal, B.D.S. Negi, Mahesh Chaudhary, K.S. Sajwan, Amit Gaurav)

  4. A Real-Time Urban Rainfall Monitoring and Flood Warning System for Disaster Management in Mumbai
    (Dr. Kapil Gupta)

  5. Role of Large Dams in Flood Moderation : Case Studies
    (S.K. Sinha, Rishi Srivastava)

  6. Rehabilitation and Change in the Aftermath of a Tsunami: A return to Little Nicobar Island
    (Manish Chandi)

  7. Integrating Technological Interventions and Community- Centric Approach for Disaster-Risk Reduction
    (Sanjay K. Srivastava, VS. Hegde, V. Jayaraman)

  8. Delhi Serial Bomb Blasts: A Hospital's Response to the Mass Casualty Incident
    (R. T. Anand, Sidhartha Satpathy, J.P. Prasad)

  9. A Model for Crisis Intervention in Large-Scale Disasters using Lay Community Counsellors
    (U. Gauthamadas)

  10. Assessment of Drought Indicators and Vulnerability
    (R. Nagarajan)

  11. Flood Simulation and Inundation Mapping of Adyar River : A Case Study using GIS
    (S. Vasantha Kumar, D.V.S. Bhagavanulu)

  12. Estimation of Seismic Vulnerability : Buildings of Delhi Municipal Area
    (Ajay Chourasia, Shailesh Kr. Agrawal)

  13. Large-Scale Mapping and Monitoring of Patalganga Landslide
    (Kishor Kumar, P.S. Prasad, Nitesh Goyal, Sudhir Mathur)

  14. The Wave of Life : Healing and Re-building Communities affected by the Tsunami in South India using Intergenerational Dialogues
    (Sonali Ojha, Nalini Vaz, Veeranka Shah)
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