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    Disaster & Development
    Vol. 2, No. 1, May 2008

  1. Nuclear Emergency and Management
    (M.P. Chacharkar)

  2. Challenges and Technologies in Combating Nuclear Disasters
    (S. Saravanan)

  3. Management of Nuclear Accidents : Safety Aspects
    (S.C. Jain)

  4. INMAS Initiative on Nuclear Disaster Medical Management Networking in Delhi Cluster Zone
    (Aseem Bhatnagar, Ravi Shankar, Mitra Basu, G. Sripathy, Vinod Kaushik and R.P. Tripathy)

  5. Emergency Planning for Dirty Bomb Attack
    (Sreejesh K. and Tarun Kumar Sahoo)

  6. Medical Management in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Disasters
    (J.K. Bansal)

  7. GIS-based Hazard Prediction and Management Tools for Countering Nuclear Emergencies
    (A.R. Reddy)

  8. Gamma Radiation Monitoring through Tissue Equivalent Organic Semiconductor-based Thin Film Devices
    (M.S. Roy, Anil Gautam, Manish Kumar, Narottam Prasad and Y.S. Deol)

  9. Gamma Irradiated Allografts : Role in Nuclear Disaster Management
    (Rita Singh and M.P Chacharkar)

  10. Microbes for Decontamination of Fission Products
    (Rita Singh, Sumita Purohit, Pawan Kumar and M.P Chacharkar)

  11. Surveillance Methodologies for Responding to a Nuclear Threat
    (Deepak Gopalani, AS. Jodha, S.S. Bhati and G.L. Baheti)

  12. Superheated Emulsion Detector in Nuclear Emergency
    (S.G. Vaijapurkar, Kana Ram Senwar, J.P. Meena and A. Parihar)

  13. The Role of Protective Equipments in Combating NBC Disasters
    (G.S. Singh, T.V. Sreekumar and Anurag Srivastava)

  14. Development of Novel Formulations for Radioactivity Decorporation
    (Aseem Bhatnagar, Ajay K. Singh and Gaurav Mittal)

  15. Simulation and Modelling of a Chemical Disaster Scenario
    (Prasun Kumar Roy, Arti Bhatt, Sarvjeet Kaur and Chitra Rajagopal)

  16. Recent Trends in Radio Decontamination - An Overview
    (Rajeev Goel, Vinod Kumar, Vinod Ambardar, A. Bhatnagar and R.P. Tripathi)

  17. Nuclear Radiation Shielding Efficacy Evaluation in Context of Radiological Protection
    (M.K. Das, D. Gopalani, A.S. Jodha and G.L. Baheti)

  18. Managing Chemical Disasters
    (S.K. Raza and K. Sekhar)
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