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    Disaster & Development
    Vol. 4, No. 1, April 2010

  1. Extreme Weather Events in India: Observational Facts and Future Scenarios
    (K. Krishna Kumar and N.R. Deshpande)

  2. Development of Early Warnings for Hydro-Climatic Natural Disasters and Communication Systems in India and their Roles in Changing Climate Scenarios
    (D.R. Sikka and Jatin Singh)

  3. Sea-Level Changes Along the Indian Coasts: Current Trends, Future Projections and Impacts at the Coast
    (A.S. Unnikrishnan)

  4. Changes in Frequency and Intensity of Tropical Cyclones Over Indian Seas in a Warming Environment
    (U.C. Mohanty, Sujata Pattanayak and Krishna K. Osuri)

  5. Impact of Climate Changes on Water Resources
    (A.K. Gosain)

  6. Management of Climate Change in Indian Agriculture
    (Pramod Kumar Aggarwal)

  7. Climate Change and Forest in India: Opportunities and Challenges
    (G.S. Rawat and V.R.S. Rawat)

  8. Climate Change and Human Health - A Response Strategy
    (Sumana Bhattacharya)

  9. Landslides and Climate Change: Case Study from Satluj Valley, Northwestern Himalaya, India
    (Vikram Gupta)

  10. Towards a Comprehensive Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Risk Assessment in the Hindu Kush - Himalayas: A Methodological Approach
    (Arun B. Shrestha, Mats Eriksson and Pradeep Mool)

  11. Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction with Climate Change Adaptation: Recent Initiatives in South Asia
    (P.G. Dhar Chakrabarti)

  12. Food Security in Climate Induced Stressed Situations
    (Shiraz A. Wajih)

  13. Adaptation to Droughts: An Assessment of the Response and Risk Reduction Mechanisms at the Community Level
    (Suruchi Bhadwal and Sreeja Nair)

  14. Climate Change and National Security
    (Uttam Sinha and Arvind Gupta)
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