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Course wise breakup of trainees for the year 2016-17

SNoCourse NameTrainees
1Rapid Visual Srcreening of built up facilities (for Earthquake Risk) 4-6 October 201674
2ToT on "Formulation of DDMP" 21 -25 November 201674
3Training on " Landslide Mitigation by Bioengneering 21-23 Feb. 201765
4ToT Course on, "Basic and Intermediate under IRS 08 - 12 August 201664
5Training Programme on Flood Risk Mitigation and Management 27th Feb. to 03rd March 201763
6One day Training programme on 23.09.2016 Disater Management Training on Earthquake Disaster/ Structural Behavior/ Building bye Laws for Ward Members of Imphal Municipal Council 54
71st Regional workshop on Disaster Management and Preparedness for Sikkim Monasteries and adjoining community at Rumtek Monastery 21 - 23 Sept. 201646
8Training Programme on " Forest Fire Risk Mitigation and Emergency Response 20-22 March 201745
9Landslides Mitigation by Bio - Engneering Measures 07 -09 February 201739
10ToT on School Safety(01-05 August 2016)36
11Stampede Risk Management 28th Dec. to 30th Dec. 201636
12National Programme on Communication in Emergencies and Disaster Situation in Collaboration with Doordarshan 17 -18 January 201734
13ToT Course on, "Basic and Intermediate under IRS" during 11 - 15 July, 201634
14Disaster Management for Civil Defence Personnel (27 to 29 March, 2017)32
15Control Measures for Landslide 18 - 22 July 201631
16Rapid visual screening of built - up facilities (for Earthquake Risk) 6-8 Dec. 201631
17TOT "Village Disaster Management Plan " 27th June to 01st July 201631
18Rapid Visual Screening of Built up Facilities (for Earthquake Risk) 5-9 September 201631
19Forest Fire Disaster Risk Mitigation and Emergency Response (Sept - 19 to 23, 2016)29
20ToT on Hospital Disaster Management Plan 13-17 February, 201727
21One day Training programme 22.09.2016 on Disaster Management Training on Earthquake Disaster/ Structural behavior/ Building bye Laws27
22Disaster and Human Trafficking" 06-08 March, 201727
23Training programme on Gender and Disaster Management 19 - 23 September 201626
24ToT Course on IRS - Incident Commander 5-6 Dec. 201625
25ToT Course on IRS - Operation Section Chief, 7-9 Dec. 201624
26Regional Capacity Development WorkshopMainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction in Sustainable Development Planning jointly with UNESCAP 13 -16 September 201624
27SAARC Regional Training programme on Coastal zone Management and Disaster Risk Reduction 21 -25November 2016 24
28Coastal Community Resilience against Disaster 01-03 Feb. 201724
29Mainstreaming DRR in to development with reference to ULBs 5 -9 September 201624
30ToT on School Safety 28November to 02December 201623
31 Training programme on Creation of Culture of safety through knowledge and Education at CDM, CMS HCM RIPA22
32SAARC Regional Training "Landslide Risk Mitigation and Management in South Asia" 29 August to 02 September 201622
33Training on Fourmulation of Distric Disaster Management Plan 15 -17 March 201722
34Psychosocial Care in DM 7-9 Feb,201720
35ToT Course on, "Planning Section Chief under IRS" during 5-9 September 201619
36Master Trainer Development Programme on Disaster Management for Panchayati Raj Officials(27th Feb. to 03rd March 2017)18
37Logistic Section Chief under IRS 06 - 10 March, 201718
38Training Programme on Disaster Management 27 -31 March 201717
39SAARC Regional Training programme on Flood Risk Management 26 -30September 2016 16
40Training of Trainers Programme on Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction in to City Development Plans 29-31 August 201614
41Creation of Culture of Disaster Risk Reduction through Knowledge and Education" during 9 - 13 January, 201714
42Training of Trainers Programme on " NCRMP Phase ii - Development of Master Trainers in the field of Disaster Management in integrating DRR in Rural Development Policy and Programme" from March 20 -24, 201711
43Training Programme on "Mainstreaming DRR into City Development Plan (under NCRMP) 27- 31 March 20179

Note : The Trainee Database is in beta state and still under updation. While all efforts have been made to make this website as authentic as possible, the NIDM or NIC will not be responsible for any loss to any person caused by any shortcoming, defect or inaccuracy in the information available on website. The output will open in new window and take some time depending upon your internet connection.

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